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Often during cold and flu season people will take mega doses of single nutrients like Vitamin C and Zinc because they have been promoted as immune boosting nutrients. It is important to remember that while these nutrients do play a role in proper immune function, they do not work independently but instead they work in concert with a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants.  The Pinnaclife Immune Health Pack is designed to provide an appropriate balance of immune-boosting nutrients that are safe and effective.

Omega-3 - fatty acids are essential for the production of cell membranes and myelin, so deficiency can wreak havoc on neurological development, nerve impulses, and signal transduction.

MultiVitamin – A balanced blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants helps to eliminate potential nutritional gaps in the diet, including for people following a healthy well-balanced diet.

Prebiotic Fiber – boosts your daily intake of dietary fiber while promoting healthy gut bacteria (probiotics).

ImmuneBoost – contains the most potent dose of Olivamine10 Max plus other powerful antioxidants including sulforaphane from broccoli that help to support both the liver and immune system.

D3+Magnesium –  provides  a precisely balanced blend of absorbable forms of Magnesium and Calcium plus the added benefits from Olivamine 10 Max. Most mineral supplements on the market today focus on calcium and not magnesium, which can actually be counter productive to health.

Suggested Use: For best results use one scoop/packet of Prebiotic Fiber, plus two capsules each of the Multivitamin and D3+ Magnesium every day with your breakfast or lunch.  Take two capsules of ImmuneBoost by mouth at bedtime.  Can be taken with or without food. Keep bottles tightly closed.