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Active lifestyles require active nutritional support. Failure to feed your body can impact your endurance, recovery, strength, and stamina while also leaving you prone to injury - both physical and metabolic. When you're active lifestyle speeds up your metabolism, you need the nutritional support to back it up.

The combined products in the Active Living Bundle provide your muscles with key nutrients shown to reduce cramping and improve recovery times plus antioxidant support to help your body recover from the increased production of free-radicals and other metabolic waste products. Ingredients known to have anti-inflammatory properties can help to safely address painful inflammation so you can stay active and out of the ice bath.

  • MultiVitamin – A balanced blend of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids that your body needs to carry out vital functions, especially with increased energy expenditure. It also provides 50 mg each of CoQ10 and carnitine to further support healthy muscles. Vitamins and minerals are provided in the forms found naturally in your diet, including amino acid chelates.

    D3+Magnesium – Additional Vitamin D3 plus a balance of calcium and magnesium to help support healthy bones and muscles. Magnesium is required for muscles to relax and is known to support healthy heart rhythms, lower blood pressure, and reduce muscle cramping.

    Energy Support – Provides ingredients like Rhodiola Rosea, taurine, and green tea extract that can have positive effects related to endurance, stamina, recovery time, and focus while combating mental and physical fatigue.  B-12 is provided as methyl-cobalamin for improved absorption.

    Omega-3 – Essential fatty acids EPA and DHA help support healthy nerves while helping to reduce inflammation. This ultra-pure and concentrated fish oil is is 70% Omega-3's in the triglyceride form that is easier for your body to utilize.

    Joint Health – Potent anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory support is provided to target painful inflammation of the joints, tendons, and muscles.

  • For best results take two capsules each of Energy Support, Omega-3, and MultiVitamin by mouth in the morning and two capsules each of D3+Magnesium and Joint health by mouth at bedtime.

    Can be taken with or without food.

Warning: If you are pregnant or nursing consult your healthcare practitioner before taking the product.

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