About Us

Pinnaclife is a research company that develops nutritional products using safe and effective natural ingredients supported by science. The team is based out of Coralville, Iowa and includes members with extensive backgrounds in biochemistry, pharmacy, and nutrition. All are dedicated to creating the highest quality nutritional products to improve safety and health outcomes for the people who need it.

The entire line of products is centered around the patented Olivamine formula composed of organic olive leaf extract plus key vitamins and amino acids. The benefits of Olivamine were first realized in the skin and wound care industry where it was demonstrated to reduce wound healing times. This quickly drove Olivamine skin and wound care products to the top of the industry, becoming a leader in skin and wound care in hospitals and long-term care settings.

The success of the Olivamine skin and wound care products, coupled with serious health challenges faced by the company's founder, fueled the push for additional research, including entire human genome analysis on the effects of Olivamine. The ongoing research is continually adding to the body of evidence and ever-growing collection of patents on Olivamine.

The Pinnaclife Nutritional Supplements include other potent antioxidants from trusted ingredients like curcumin, broccoli, green tea, grapevine, and more. Manufactured in the United States, all products are held to the highest quality standards and undergo rigorous independent laboratory testing to confirm purity and potency.

Our line of dietary supplements include:
Essential nutritional support from our MultiVitamin, D3+Magnesium, and Olivamine.

Additional support for common health problems provided by ImmuneBoost, Energy Support, Brain Health, Joint Health, Sleep Support, and Mood Support.

Our health collection groups are bundled together based on specific health conditions or lifestyles to help you select the most appropriate products while providing additional savings.

While this company may be relatively new to the direct selling arena, it is no stranger to professional healthcare. Tens-of-thousands of patients are treated topically with the Olivamine technologies everyday. Now, for the first time, they can purchase these trusted technologies as part of their supplement program.

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