Every July, tens of thousands of cyclists head to the Western border of Iowa to dip their rear bicycle tire in the Missouri River before riding over 400 miles across the state over the following week to dip their front tire in the Mississippi River on the eastern border.

It is the largest and longest recreational bicycle touring event in the entire world and participants travel from every state and dozens of countries to ride. The route changes every year presenting new and unique challenges to riders while showcasing the beautiful state we call home.

This year, Pinnaclife joined along the route providing samples of our supplements and Viniferamine skincare products to help the riders feel comfortable and energized throughout the ride. Some of the most popular items?

Check out some of our pictures from throughout the week!

Opening Expo in Onawa, Iowa

RAGBRAI Expo in OnawaPinnaclife Exhibit at RAGBRAI in Onawa

Spectacular View From the Loess Hills in Western Iowa

RAGBRAI 2018 view of Western Iowa Loess Hills

Riders enjoying festivities in Jefferson

RAGBRAI riders in Jefferson Iowa town squareRAGBRAI riders checking out exhibits as the sun sets

Pharmacist Kyle With a New Friend

Pinnaclife Pharmacist Kyle Holding a Pig on RAGBRAI in Jefferson Iowa

All set up and waiting for the riders to arrive

RAGBRAI display in Jefferson

Riders arriving in Ames

RAGBRAI riders in Ames

Riders take a lap around Jack Trice Stadium

RAGBRAI Cyclone Loop Jack Trice Stadium Ames

Entertainment from some talented performers

RAGBRAI unicycle fire jugglers in Jefferson

A couple late riders enjoying a beautiful Iowa sunset


A crowded downtown in Wellman

RAGBRAI riders in Wellman Iowa

Home Sweet Home in Hawkeye Country